This is the homepage Diffusion Imaging Group (DIG) at the Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance (DRCMR) headed by Tim B. Dyrby. We are a research institution based in Copenhagen, Denmark at Copenhagen University Hospital - Hvidovre. Here you will find news about our current research projects, freely available diffusion MRI datasets and much more



2nd Danish Danish Diffusion DeKay meeting arranged in Aarhus

On April 11th researchers from Denmark and southern Sweden met up in Aarhus for the 2nd annual Diffusion DeKay meeting. This year's meeting was arranged by Dr. Sune Jespersen, CFIN. We had a great day with talks, a tour around the nice lab facilities at CFIN and a very interesting keynote lecture on DDE and DWS by Dr. Noam Shemesh, Champlimaud Centre for the Unkown, Lisbon, Portugal. It was nice to see the width of the research embracing diffusion MRI in our region.

Write us a line if you are interested in joining our network to recieve an invitation to upcoming meetings and diffusion related news from the danish diffusion community.



The rumour is true so watch out ...

The 4th ISMRM diffusion workshop will soon be officially announced along with a very cool program including leading experts within different research fields as well as topics within diffusion MRI. 

Indeed the title is "Breaking the Barriers of diffusion MRI" and we will do so in the periode 11-16th September 2016 in Lisabon, Portugal.

Be there!


Organizing Committee:

Mara Cercignani, Ph.D., Brighton and Sussex Medical School, UK

Maxime Descoteaux,  Ph.D., Sherbrooke University

Tim B. Dyrby, Ph.D., Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre, Denmark

Christopher Hess, M.D., Ph.D., University of California, San Francisco

Alexander Leemans, Ph.D., University Medical Center Utrecht



New book focusing on brain microstructure anatomy: “Axons and Brain Architecture” edited by Kathleen Rockland

Together with Giorgio Innocenti and Marie Carlén, Tim Dyrby has contributed with a book chapter entitled “the computing properties of the axonal connections”.  The book chapter describes how the brain and its axonal connections are organized in term of conduction properties and its possible meaning. We also review the advance diffusion MRI techniques that enable the estimation of axon diameters and densities in the living human brain. Indeed in vivo measurement of axon geometry is a promising technique but at the micrometer-length scale the brain anatomy is very complicated and challenges such advanced estimates ...



The Wiring of the Blind Brain

Two recent papers by Nina Reislev et al. apply diffusion-weighted MRI to illuminate structural brain plasticity in congenital and late-onset blindness

The visual streams are structurally developing without normal visual input from the eyes. We here show how blindness selectively affects the microstructure of the ventral visual stream regardless of the time of blindness onset. 

Here we used diffusion-weighted MRI to relate differences in microstructure and structural connectedness of white matter (WM) in individuals with congenital or late-onset blindness. Visual deprivation shapes WM microstructure and anatomical connectivity, but these changes appear to be spatially dissociated as changes emerge in different WM tracts. They also indicate that regional differences in anatomical connectivity depend on the onset of blindness.


Problem with data server - SOLVED

We are currently experiencing problems with our server and some data sets cannot be downloaded.

We working on solving the problem.